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Bringing Lasting Change to Broken Lives

The End of Christianity in America…

September 1st, 2015 · 1 Comment · News Updates

The End of Christianity in America…

Wait, what?

Did you read that right?

“The End of Christianity in America…”

Yup, I guess you did.

Perhaps I’d better start out by clarifying what I don’t mean. For example, I don’t mean that the Church is hopeless, lifeless or DOA. Nor do I intend to sound an alarm calling everybody to immediately stock their bomb shelters in preparation for the Great Tribulation, or to await the rapture on the nearest hilltop.

What I do mean is that I believe we’ve reached the end of Christianity in America… (Note the ellipsis in the subject line) as we know it.

Since moving to Bolivia in 2003, I have noticed a surplus of changes taking place politically, culturally, morally and spiritually in America.

For example, scenes, subject-matter and phrases that would have garnered a PG-13 or R rating on the Big Screen back in my day are now commonplace on television.

The ethno-religious diversity in America has seemed to skyrocket over the last decade, with non-Christian places of worship popping up all over the place, to tend to the ever-increasing foreign populations.

Tolerance has become an essential tenet of our culture, to the point where people do not tolerate the intolerant, and thus become just as intolerant as those other intolerants (anybody note the irony?).

I could go on about the changes to America’s landscape (not all of which are bad) ad nauseam, but I’ll save you the upset stomach and get right to the point: the Church’s role in America must change.

First of all, I think it’s important to recognize that it may no longer be accurate to identify America as a “Christian nation”. This conclusion leads us, then, to rightly identify America as an enormous mission field, just like the Roman Empire was in the first century A.D.!

That being the case, Jesus’ call to be as shrewd as serpents and as innocent as doves seems pressing.

In the call to innocence, I see two things: first of all, personal holiness (being “excellent at what is good and innocent of evil” per Romans 16), and also authenticity, transparency and integrity.

We need to get serious about Jesus transforming our own lives, before bemoaning the deterioration of secular society. 1 Peter 4 says that God’s judgment begins with His own house, and in Matthew 7 Jesus told us to deal with the plank in our own eye first. It’s imperative for America’s Church to get back to seeking God, turning her back on all sin (as God defines it), and getting filled with His love for our broken world.

That’s where the Church’s call to shrewdness comes into play. For centuries, the church has enjoyed a sort of social pedestal or soapbox, if you will. Now, however, public opinion of the church has seemed to turn predominantly negative. Therefore I believe it’s time for the Church to get off of her proverbial soapbox so that she can start getting out the soap.

In other words, it’s time to quit harping on how perverse and godless America has become, and to start modeling the abundant life Jesus talked about and offer THAT to society’s broken. Because, in the end ALL of society is broken by sin; some segments of it just don’t realize it at the moment.

This brings us to the second aspect of Jesus’ call to be shrewd: opportunistic evangelism. Rather than cramming religion or morality down people’s throats, I believe the time has come for America’s Church to pick her spots to evangelize.

Speak to society’s brokenness and suffering, by showing people how Jesus (and only Jesus) can bring lasting change to their broken lives. The Gospel is useless if it’s not practical… but oh how practical it is once we start actually putting it into practice!!!

So, come on, Church! This isn’t a time for permanently retreating into all-Christian cloisters.

Nor is it a time to merely assimilate ourselves into society with an, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” attitude.

Let us not fall prey to tunnel vision, by forgetting that Christ’s Body extends far beyond America’s borders. Jesus is doing great things in and through His Body worldwide. Just because America has been a world power both economically and politically, doesn’t guarantee that they are one spiritually as well.

Is the Church in America humble enough to learn from the rest of the Body, where persecution, oppression and scorn have been the norm for centuries?


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  • Kay Fick

    Vital truths well said, Dan! Praying for the whole body of Christ to be awakened and raised up to become cleansed vessels Jesus can fill and work through mightily!

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